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Phamarcy Module Features

  • EDI feedback auto
  • EDI submission
  • Electronic processing of claim submissions & feedback
  • Email patient's invoice
  • Flexible & quick finding of records
  • Generation of invoices
  • Get authorization code directly from the society
  • Manage claims by batches, as each batch is submitted
  • Managing cash transactions
  • Multi-branch management
  • Multi-department accounting
  • online-check medical aid status
  • Printing of re-stocking lists, alerts of low stock levels
  • Receipting & reporting on cash transactions
  • Reports show balance of : gross bill, med-aid bill, shortfall, society's payments, patients' payments
  • Send personalised SMSes to patients: shortfalls, acknowledgment of payments, happy-birthday, get-well-soon, debt reminders
  • Shortfall reasons for ALL medical aid societies
  • Simultaneous multi-user access control by password, with different access levels or permissions
  • Sophisticated accounting report definitions
  • Stock control/monitoring
  • Stock trend reports, movement summaries
  • Store comprehensive details about each patient
  • Storing allergy information
  • Suppliers' invoices
  • Supporting different medical funding schemes: cash, medical aid, company/guarantee accounts, exemptions, deferred payments
  • Tariff system consistent with Zim's tariffs
  • track unpaid claims
  • track written-off amounts
  • Tracking which user entered or modified each bill
  • Uploading images, pdf documents for each patient
  • Use tariffs of different functions, e.g tariffs for free patients, write-offs,
  • User-Defined Reports
  • Viewing a patient's medical authorization history
  • Dispensing drugs - printing of labels
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